We conduct an instant on the spot test, testing various areas of the home, which give a fast and simple YES/NO if methamphetamine or precursors (products used in the manufacture of Meth) is present.

No further testing or remediation may be necessary if this comes up negative.
If it comes up positive then a standard or complete Laboratory test will need to be performed to show which rooms are affected and also to ensure the level per room is under MOH guidelines.

Standard Composite Laboratory Tests:

Three tests 15 swabs/areas of the home using one or two test points per room.
Laboratory results take typically 2 to 3 days and if readings are below MOH Guidelines for testing (0.05 or below) then no further testing is necessary.

Complete Laboratory Test:

Every wall and ceiling is tested throughout the home.
Laboratory Testing displays which rooms need to be remediated.

Remediation Plans:

We provide free remediation plans on homes where we have conducted complete laboratory testing.

Given that we work with a variety of noxious materials and other industries outside of Methamphetamine; we have found other operators in this particular industry are giving homeowners large amounts of misinformation (scaremongering).

When meth is found in a home, we are the voice of reason to call when you think this may be the case.

In most cases where Meth is present we have found that utilising our knowledge, processes and using our specialist cleaning agents and equipment we have not had to perform invasive removal of walls/ceilings/floorboards etc. So ask us for a secondary quote prior to agreeing to an invasive remediation plan.

We provide laboratory testing at the conclusion of our remediation giving you full transparency and peace of mind once a cleanup is completed.