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Diesel Bug

Diesel is used for a vast array of emergency equipment and critical infrastructure which cannot afford to breakdown e.g. emergency generators, boats, cranes, construction equipment, mining equipment, transport and quarries.

Diesel is a complex distillate and can spoil when tiny amounts of water is present.
This spoilage is sometimes referred to as diesel bug, microbial contamination, or fuel bug. The diesel is a carbon source for thousands of bacteria, yeasts and fungus and when conditions are ripe the bug can proliferate causing a number of alarming symptoms to appear.

Fuel filters may block with tiny particles in early stages and in later stages blocks with thick matts of biological sludge. This sludge leads to engine starvation and shutdown, injector nozzles become pitted thanks to the harmful acid like by-products diesel bug produces.

In addition costly fuel pumps may blow thanks to the decreased lubricity in the diesel.

Once the bug has taken hold of the fuel tank you cannot 100% rid yourself of it, you can only manage.

HazMat offers testing, best practice consultancy, diesel fuel polishing and ongoing polishing maintenance to ensure your diesel is kept in A1 condition and you can rely on your diesel appliance when needed.

HazMat employees have experience working with diesel bug across NZ, having supplied advice and equipment on dozens of emergency generation systems for hospitals, engines for Fishing Trawlers, stored diesel and trucks/buses.

In most cases we can remediate your existing diesel saving you dumping of diesel costs and costly resupply of new diesel for hospitals, engines for fishing trawlers, stored diesel and trucks/buses.