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1st Test $215
2nd Test $130
3rd Test $130

URGENT 24 Hour Turnaround – Additional Per Test $80

Testing includes callout, travel, sampling, safe encapsulation of sample area, travel/freight to laboratory, laboratory analysis, written IANZ accredited laboratory report and further commentary as required.

Note: Testing is carried out by a BOHS Accredited Surveyor.

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Asbestos Testing

We provide safe and fast Asbestos testing services, using our own inhouse BOHS accredited Surveyors which ensure we correctly apply the testing protocols best suited to ensure correct testing protocols and minimise the risk of further contamination.

We use only IANZ Accredited laboratories, recognised by International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ) and Worksafe New Zealand.


Used extensively until the mid 1990s for roofing, cladding, fascades, insulation, pipe lagging, walls and ceilings, floor tiles, building packing, vinyl / lino  and more it was still used to a lesser extend in construction products up until a complete ban in 2016.
You cannot 100% verify if a product has asbestos in it without testing.

For anyone considered to be a PCBU – Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking, every rental property (residential or commercial) should have an Asbestos Management Plan in place to ensure safe habitation and a working environment free from contamination of Asbestos. In addition this needs to be written in such a way to ensure visitors external parties e.g. tradesmen are aware of any potential for coming into contact with Asbestos.

For commercial property owners, commercial buyers and for demolition surveys our expert team of BOHS Qualified (British Occupational Hygiene Safety) Asbestos Surveyors can prepare comprehensive reports and analysis on how to manage and protect your asset and your tenants.

HazMat are Registered Asbestos Removalists licensed with Worksafe New Zealand.
We have 100s of examples of great removal work performed across various building products including cladding, stipple ceilings, textured ceilings, soffitts, asbestos tile roofs, decramastic roofing, super 6 fencing and roofing, Hardiboard, shed removals, chimney removals and contaminated land.

Hazmat is a Registered Asbestos Company with Worksafe NZ.