Asbestos Rapid Response

HazMat offers an Asbestos Emergency Rapid Response Clean up Team to the market.

There are many reasons to contact HazMat for a rapid response clean up.

In some cases caused by renovators – both homeowners and tradespeople. Other times it may be discovered during major construction works.

Here are a few examples.

  1. An overzealous homeowner in Johnsonville, Wellington ripped up their Kitchen vinyl during a home renovation without testing it. Several days later they researched asbestos found in vinyl and Hazmats emergency response team were immediately called in. We had the test results back within 2 hours and immediately sprung into action. HazMat had the room decontaminated the same day. Air Testing showed that the room was within the WHO guidelines and the homeowners were relieved.
  2. A tradesperson in Lower Hutt decided to start cutting cladding/panelling in order to fit a new window during renovation. They inadvertently cut and broke a number of fibre cement cladding boards. They contacted HazMat for an immediate test (which was positive) and our asbestos emergency rapid response sprung into action. In this instance we were able to complete and resolve within 24 hours.
  3. A Truck crashed into a home in Wellington and damaged the fibre cement exterior. HazMat were called in for an urgent test (which returned as positive) and we were able to provide a professional asbestos clean of the surrounding area without delay.
  4. After fibre cement board was discovered during a site excavation on school grounds, Hazmat were called in for an urgent consult. With all safety precautions put in place HazMat were able to work in with MOE guidelines to put in place a fast and staged methodology of removal to ensure safety of all children, workers and neighbours.

Should you require our rapid response cleanup service 24/7 (only available in Wellington) please contact 027-584-2729

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