Asbestos Removal Job – $35,000 in fines

Asbestos Removal Job done right or wrong? A retired painter decorator has copped costs nearing $40,000 after he failed to properly remove asbestos from a job site, exposing people to risk. John Carstairs Robertson used to work as a painter decorator in Taranaki and asbestos removal was among the suite of services he offered. But

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Hug of Death Asbestos Case

‘Hug of death’ second-hand asbestos exposure case denied ACC cover Deanna, used to hug her father as he returned home from work each day, unknowingly exposing her to asbestos on his electrician’s work clothes. A woman exposed to asbestos by her father when he played with her after work has been denied ACC cover at

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HazMat called in after Botched Asbestos Job

People rely on their builders and tradespeople to know about Asbestos building materials. If a tradesperson is at all uncertain they must gain further advice and testing from a company like . There are various Asbestos Awareness courses which form part of the certificate in construction site safety for tradespeople, it is getting harder

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Mnagement Plan for Asbestos Commercial Building

Do you need an asbestos management plan?

The Health and Safety at Work (Asbestos) Regulations 2016 place a duty on businesses to have asbestos management plans in place for their buildings and workplaces where asbestos is likely to be found. Do you need an asbestos management plan? (PDF 907 KB)   How do we know if there’s asbestos in our workplace? The first step

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Asbestos Awareness Week 2018

WHAT IS ASBESTOS AWARENESS WEEK? Asbestos Awareness Week is an initiative set up by the NZDAA to drive education and improve the knowledge amongst support trades such as builders, plumbers and electricians etc on the dangers posed by asbestos exposure when working in commercial buildings and residential properties. Asbestos is New Zealand’s number one workplace

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Hazmat - Asbestos Testing survey

Christchurch City Council lays path with soil contaminated with asbestos

Christchurch City Council lays path with soil contaminated with asbestos Last updated 21:35, January 25 2018 The Christchurch City Council built a new track behind Aston Drive at Waimairi Beach using soil contaminated with asbestos. It’s now having to remove the material. The Christchurch City Council used soil riddled with asbestos to form a new

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Asbestos is dangerous

Negligent Asbestos removal puts others at risk

28 November 2017 WorkSafe is reminding businesses and property owners that a negligent approach to removing asbestos does not only put you at risk, but also those around you. The message comes after Topham Holding Limited, a small farming business on the outskirts of Timaru, was sentenced today in the Timaru District Court. During the

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management plan for asbestos in homes

Asbestos may be found in your home….

If you are doing residential work and you are unsure whether asbestos may be present or not, it always pays to get it tested first. So, where is asbestos likely to be found? Any building constructed, altered or refurbished before the 1990’s is likely to contain asbestos and/or asbestos containing materials (ACMs). Buildings constructed after 1990

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Asbestos in Soil Wellington

Asbestos in Soil – Circa Theatre Wellington

HazMat have performed many jobs removing and remediating Asbestos in Soil. So when word came in that there was a challenging removal job in Wellington to render the underfloor of Circa Theatre safe for tradespeople to renovate and put in services, the specialist HazMat Asbestos team were called in. In association with Tracer Construction, the

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Hazmat - Commercial Real Estate Removal

Asbestos costs Dunedin Hospital $5.5m

The cost of dealing with asbestos has reached almost $5.5 million at Dunedin Hospital as an internal report reveals it took at least 10 days to change a light fitting.The financial figure provided by the Southern District Health Board includes almost $2million for a retrofitted air-conditioning system in the radiology department. It is needed because

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