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Asbestos Fibre Cement Claddings & Gables

There are many different types of Asbestos Fibre cement cladding and gable profiles and variances across New Zealand. A good deal were made in NZ (Auckland and Christchurch) however a large number were also imported in from all over the world with names and trace origins now unknown. Here are a few names to look

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Harcourts Upper hutt presso

Asbestos Awareness 101 Presentation to Real Estate Consultants

Asbestos Awareness 101 Presentation – Tuesday 25th September 2018 Being asbestos aware if you a real estate professional is now considered vital. This morning Chris Saunders (P402 BOHS) delivered HazMat’s Asbestos Awareness 101 presentation for real estate sales consultants to the fantastic team at Harcourts Upper Hutt. HazMat Wellington are busy making our way around

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Asbestos Survey

Plumbing World Petone – Lower Hutt Asbestos Survey

Recently HazMat were asked to provide an Asbestos Survey in Lower Hutt. Our BOHS Qualified P402 Surveyor Chris Saunders was responsible to undertake this Survey on a large commercial building. Specifically the owner did not want this to impact on the day to day running of the busy site; Hence HazMat were able to oblige

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Great Asbestos Floor Removal

Vinyl Removal Kapiti Coast

HazMat were approached to remove approximately less than 10M of Asbestos Vinyl from a shower and toilet area in a home in Waikanae recently. The vinyl was tested and found to contain Asbestos (Chrysotile) and luckily for the homeowner the vinyl was contained on top of backing board which made the removal relatively straight forward

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Asbestos stipple ceiling

Stipple, Textured & Stucco Ceilings may contain Asbestos

Stipple Ceiling Asbestos Stipple ceilings, also known as popcorn ceilings, textured and stucco ceilings may contain asbestos fibres. These types of ceilings which were quite the rage in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s are in many homes throughout NZ. The Asbestos was used to give the plaster rigidity, added tensile strength, made it easier to

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Wellington asbestos removal

Fibre Cement Asbestos Soffit Removal – Wellington

Asbestos Soffits On many homes throughout New Zealand you will find fibre cement soffits. Many of these types of fibre cement soffits contain asbestos. To be safe, we always recommend having them tested by a qualified asbestos sampler/testing company like Hazmat. (Find our link here on testing.) There are an alarming amount of poorly maintained

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asbestos vinyl floor removed by asbestos company HazMat

HazMat Asbestos Vinyl Removal to the Rescue!

We were stoked when the wonderful staff at Harcourts Team Group Rentals called HazMat asbestos vinyl removal in to save the day. A couple of their awesome tenants in Wainuiomata were in the middle of having a new bathroom installed when the plumber discovered the bathroom vinyl floor contained asbestos. They had to stop work

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Asbestos Decking – Thicker & Easy to Mistake

Asbestos Decking Fibre Cement board is thicker than traditional fibre cement board and easy to miss. A Builder came across this unusual looking decking onsite – Thinking the worst (asbestos) he called in HazMat to conduct testing. It was “unusual looking board and I just want to make sure my boys are safe, we were

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Testing for Asbestos in Tawa Wellington

Testing for Asbestos in Tawa, Wellington Our client was having an HRV system installed in his 1970’s era home. The technician started cutting the required vent hole into the tiled living room ceiling. He quickly discovered the original stipple ceiling was still there, hiding just above it. The technician stopped work and immediately called HazMat

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Asbestos Removal Shed in Lower Hutt

Nae Nae Asbestos Hardieboard / Fibre Cement Removal from sleepout

Identify Asbestos Team HazMat were called in to help remove James hardieboard Asbestos sheeting from a garage located in NaeNae Lower Hutt. The Behind the Scenes Work The client only ever sees the removal itself and not all of the work and experience required in order to conduct a hazardous worksite with the utmost care.

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