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Asbestos Encapsulation

Encapsulation of asbestos is a great option to consider.
Encapsulation is usually cheaper,  renders Asbestos safe, as well as keeps removal / maintenance time to a minimum.

Once conditioned some coatings may give an additional 10 to 25 year lifespan. This sometimes ensures a better lifecycle costing than removal and reinstatement of another building product.
In times where a renovation or partial demolition may be scheduled in the distant future, sometimes an encapsulation is a great stopgap.  This way the asbestos may be removed safely and more cost efficiently when other works are being carried out.

In the case of asbestos stipple/stucco ceilings, fibre cement claddings and Super 6 roofs the cost to remove /reinstate new products can make removal not an option at all.

HazMat utilises several proprietary encapsulation and paint system products which can provide provide superior weathering, longevity and cost advantages.

Make sure you contact and ask HazMat if encapsulation is an option for your product type and condition of asbestos.

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