Asbestos Encapsulation

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    In some cases, asbestos can be safely encapsulated.

    This can be a cheaper alternative to full removal and replacement of things like asbestos roofs, vinyl floor coverings and textured plaster coatings.

    Encapsulation essentially means covering or preventing access to the exposed asbestos fibres to stop them from shedding away and becoming airborne.

    This can be as simple as applying a new coat of paint, laying new floor sheets overtop of vinyls, or spraying an asbestos binding agent directly onto the surface of the material.

    Of course, encapsulation is more of a temporary measure than a permanent solution as inevitably it will still have to be removed professionally, but this option gives time, safety, and peace of mind in the short to medium term.

    HazMat has great experience with assessing whether a material is suitable for encapsulation, the skills to do so safely, and the ability to have this captured in an asbestos management plan, if applicable.

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