Asbestos Ceiling Panel Removal – Masterton, Wairarapa

HazMat completed a large-scale asbestos ceiling panel removal at the departmental building in Masterton, Wairarapa.

Our team overcame many hazardous obstacles to get this done, not to mention a nationwide lockdown to get the asbestos ceiling removal completed.

The first stage of works:
Included a pre-clean of the site and construction of a timber framed enclosure over an area of approximately 600m2.

One of the difficulties was carrying all the timber up from the ground floor to our site on Level 5.
There was certainly no need for workouts at the gym for a day or 2 afterwards.

We also had many metres of pipework and cabling near the ceiling to clean and pre-wrap before we could get started.

During the removal:
We operated with 2 crews working next to each other on mobile scaffolds removing the asbestos ceiling sheets. We also had  a 3rd crew on the ground bagging and wrapping the all waste behind them.

Once all the asbestos was down, safely wrapped & sealed, we organised a massive load out of the enclosure. This was lowered down to the ground level and into large hazibags outside the main door to the building.

Being a multi tenanted building with dozens of occupants:
We decided to carry this out after hours, over 2 nights. In total we removed and disposed of over 20 hazibags of asbestos waste from the site. These were uplifted and taken away by a flat deck truck the same night.

Once the waste had gone, we turned our attention back to cleaning the giant enclosure.

There was no way around the fact that a lot of elbow grease and sweat was the main ingredient needed to clean everything from top to bottom…along with hundreds of disposable rags.

After we passed the inspection:
It was time to get packed up and on the road again. The best part we discovered was carrying everything downstairs was way easier than the start of the job.

We are proud to have left our client with a clean and asbestos free ceiling which their next tenants will certainly enjoy, knowing their safety has been assured thanks to HazMat.

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    Need to asbestos removal quote for 95 Lincoln Rd. Masterton, testing confirmed asbestos in the ceiling.

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