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Asbestos Test Drop Off Sample – Lower Hutt / Wellington

Asbestos Test to Drop off to Lower Hutt HazMat Office:

You can now bring samples of suspected asbestos materials directly to our office at 144a Queens Drive, Lower Hutt.

We are available Monday-Friday during normal office hours.

Before taking samples please assess the condition of the material to see if fibre release may occur. If it is in less than perfect condition, then fibre release is likely. Full precautions must be taken to protect yourself. To view some of the names of products which may contain asbestos visit here.
If you are unsure what precautions you need to take, please contact HazMat to arrange for our trained and experienced personnel to undertake the test for you.
Additional fees apply for us to come to your Wellington based site and take samples.

If asbestos is damaged (even when sampling) the tiny particles can remain in the environment for weeks or months airborne.
It can stick to clothes, facial hair, tools and collect anywhere that dust normally would.
Taking an Asbestos sample is dangerous and should be only undertaken if you are 100% competent and hold a British Occupational Hygiene Society P402 training or other industry experienced relevant testing/sampling & education.
Asbestos can cause an array of health complications including Mesothelioma, Asbestosis lung cancers/disease when inhaled. However, as symptoms often do not appear until 15–25 years after exposure, the danger of asbestos is easily underestimated.

All samples dropped off to HazMat must be:
Double bagged with Two x 200 micron zip-lock plastic bags – both sealed.
All bags must be wiped down with alcohol or detergent wipes prior to dropoff to HazMat as well as clearly labelled.
Bags may be picked up from the HazMat Asbestos Depot located at 144a Queens Drive Lower Hutt.
Any bags not sealed correctly, or incorrectly sampled will be rejected by HazMat.

Typical turnaround for sample analysis is 2-3 working days. Sample results are not disclosed until the invoice has been paid unless otherwise stated. You can request an urgent turnaround of your sample for an additional fee.

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2 thoughts on “Asbestos Test Drop Off Sample – Lower Hutt / Wellington”

  1. What is needed to be used as a test of the area? We are wanting testing done on our bathroom and bedroom, ceiling and hallway.
    Am happy to give a sample just need to know how to do it?

    1. Hi there Melissa, Thanks for the message. If you are unsure how to perform a sample, you are welcome to call for a chat on 0508 HAZMAT.
      If you do not have the required PPE or experience in taking tests, we would strongly advise you get one of our trained asbestos surveyors to take the test for you.

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