Covid-19 Office Cleanup

Corona Virus Covid 19 Cleans

The Corona Covid 19 Virus and therefore cleaning and decontamination has taken hold throughout the World.
Thorough cleaning and disinfecting can help prevent people from getting sick.
The virus is spread mainly through person-to-person contact, though people can also catch it from droplets.
These droplets are exhaled when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Those droplets can stick to surfaces, and the virus can survive for hours or days, according to health officials.
For more information on the actual virus and government information links visit here…

Every wall, ceiling and surface can be be wiped and cleaned down thoroughly.
Not just the standard door handles, desks, chairs and filing cabinets. This attention to detail must be adhered to in a cleaning regime to ensure safety.
HazMat can advise and tailor a cleaning regime to suit your individual shop/workplace.

HazMat are considered an essential service in New Zealand. “Any entity supplying services to an essential workplaces that are required for the safe operation of that workplace eg cleaning, security services”. Therefore HazMat are able to work through this current Covid Alert Level Class 4.
Team HazMat can provide cleaning services to essential workplaces necessary for them to carry on safe operation of that service.
Says Chris Saunders Manager of HazMat Wellington.

HazMats experience in working with noxious and dangerous substances like lead paint, soil contamination and asbestos decontamination services means they are well versed in precision cleaning regimes and personal protection to ensure the safety of your workplaces and homes.

Furthermore HazMat have an Audited 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS).
HazMat can assist you by utilising their knowledge, systematic processes and equipment so you can be rest assured of a thorough clean of your shop, warehouse, office and workplace.

HazMat Can provide you with a quote to perform these cleans in the greater Wellington Region.
Please contact our Wellington Manager Chris on 0275842729 or [email protected] for more information.

In addition when the alert level 4 is lifted HazMat can provide ongoing thorough cleaning for workplaces so you can re-enter savely , ensuring piece of mind for employees and customers.

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