Mnagement Plan for Asbestos Commercial Building

Do you need an Asbestos Management Plan?

The Health and Safety at Work (Asbestos) Regulations 2016 require all businesses that have a premise, to have asbestos management plans for their buildings and workplaces where asbestos is likely to be found.

So, what is an asbestos management plan?

An asbestos management plan identifies where any asbestos or asbestos containing material is and how it will be managed.

The asbestos management plan will include information about:

  • Where your identified asbestos is located – in what wall, window etc.
  • How you plan to control the asbestos risks if any exist (e.g. remove it, encapsulate it with a false wall or paint, or leave it if it is in good condition.) 
  • What procedures you will follow for when work is to be undertaken that may disturb the asbestos or asbestos containing material.
  • How you will record incidents or emergencies involving asbestos.
  • How you will manage asbestos exposure risks. This includes the priorities and dates for removal, reviews, circumstances and any activities that could affect the timing of action. These should be reviewed in six months or after an incident or emergency.
  • Who is responsible for procedures, reviewing and revising the asbestos management plan and documentation. (note at a minimum this MUST be every five years).

Very few workplaces will have the skill and expertise to be able to build a management plan which meets legislative requirements.

HazMat have years of experience in building Asbestos Management plans. In addition our surveying Team carry various industry standards and qualification and every surveyor holds the BOHS (British Occupational Hygiene Society) IP402 Sampling/Surveying Strategies.

You are welcome to ask questions below or contact HazMat directly for us to help build your specific Asbestos Management plan. 


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