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Garage and Shed Demolition with Asbestos Removal in Upper Hutt

For asbestos clad sheds and garages, many clients require the entire removal of asbestos as well as all the framing and roof removed too. In short a total demolition.

HazMat are skilled at doing this. We have many examples of our work where we have removed the entire building altogether with the Asbestos waste. This saves you, the client time and money.

We often get asked…”Do I need a building consent to demolish a garage or shed?”
You must check with your local council that a demolition will not require a building consent as the maximum penalty for building, altering, demolishing or removing buildings without a building consent is $200,000! Ouch!

Should you wish to get a quote for a demolition removal of sheds and garages go through to our contact us page here.

There are exemptions of course – see below under current legislation as of 25/03/2019.

Demolition Exemptions Page 76

30. Demolition of detached building

The complete demolition of a building that is detached and is not more than 3 storeys.

This exemption has been expanded from the previous exemption (l) to allow the full demolition of all detached buildings up to 3 storeys high whether or not they are damaged. However, partial demolition is no longer exempt from building consent,
other than as permitted by exemption 31.

If you are considering demolishing an existing building under this exemption, we recommend that you also consider the following:
• terminating services such as water, sewer, and stormwater by capping and sealing them inside the boundary
•contacting the relevant service authorities to advise them of the extent of your work: this includes electricity, gas, drainage, water, transport, telecommunications, cable television and any other services that may be affected
• handling and disposing of hazardous building materials
•controlling silt runoff, excess noise and dust generated by the demolition work,
•securing the site (eg with a temporary fence or hoardings) to restrict public access to the area and avoid injury to members of the public.

As a building owner, you should also check council requirements for the repair and reinstatement of any damage to the road reserve. No demolition work should be undertaken on heritage or character buildings without first checking with your local council for its approval.

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  1. Hi, we are currently looking at purchasing a property in Taumarunui but it is made out of fibrous cement and has an old shed that will need to be pulled down and I am sure it is an asbestos hazard. It is approx 3 x 3 metres in size. How would we know the cost of removal?

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