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What type of Asbestos Survey do I need?

There are three different asbestos surveys conducted in NZ:

Asbestos Management Surveys 

Asbestos Renovation Surveys

Asbestos Demolition surveys


The type of survey required can vary during a building’s lifespan, and several surveys may be needed over time.

A management survey is recommended during normal occupation and use of the building to make sure the existing asbestos and ACM is being managed.

A refurbishment or demolition survey may be necessary when the building (or part of it) is going to be refurbished or demolished.

When it comes to larger premises, a mixture of survey types may be appropriate. For example, a boiler house due for demolition will require a demolition survey, while offices at the same site may need a management survey. In later years, refurbishment surveys may be required in rooms or floors which are being upgraded.

In situations where there are large numbers of internal units such as hotel rooms, only particular rooms may need to be upgraded, such as kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. Refurbishment surveys will only be necessary in these locations.

It is important that the client PCBU and the asbestos surveyor know exactly what type of survey will be carried out and where. Therefore, there should be a clear statement and record of the type of survey to be carried out, including the reasons for selecting that type of survey, and where it will be carried out.


HazMat have years of experience in keeping people safe while providing various Asbestos Survey Types including Asbestos Renovation Surveys.

In addition our surveying Team carry various industry standards and qualification and every surveyor holds the BOHS (British Occupational Hygiene Society) IP402 Sampling/Surveying Strategies.

You are welcome to ask questions below or contact HazMat directly to discuss your specific circumstances.

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