Roof Wrap used on Asbestos Fibre Cement Roof Removal

Asbestos Fibre Cement Roof Removal – Aro Valley – Wellington

Asbestos Roof Removals can be straight forward and relatively easy to perform.

However there are many factors for us to consider when tackling a roof removal and prices vary according to the number of hurdles to overcome.

There are many factors which make the task more challenging –  Here are a few to consider:
*High Wind Zones / Exposed sites.
*Steep / hilly terrain.
*Access to the site.
*Flat and nearby area for decontamination of personnel.
*Building paper/ roofs hidden underneath / chicken wire / loose insulation / sarking / dusty ceiling cavities.
*Rusted and seized bolts holding boards down.
*Pitch of the roof and multiple pitches.
*Working in with roofers timelines.
*Timeliness for Assessors periodic sign-off.
*Proximity from the site to the hazardous asbestos bin.
*Proximity to a footpath/road/pedestrians/neighbours.
*Whether the occupant wants to occupy the home.

Rusted and Seized Bolts on Asbestos Fibre Cement Roof
Rusted and Seized Bolts on Asbestos Fibre Cement Roof Removal – Wellington


We have several ex-roofers in our team which understand the risks involved in roof removals and our management team have years of experience in complex construction and hazardous asbestos removal. As such we are able to overcome many of the above issues, making for a safe, timely and trouble-free removal experience.

On a recent job in Aro Valley in Wellington the asbestos bins needed to be on the road as there was no berms or driveway to utilise –  Hence a special licence was sought from the council to do so.
In addition; we had a busy sidewalk / pedestrian area a number of metres from the roof to be removed and neighbours within a few metres around the perimetre of the roof.  In addition there was no clear working area in the rear of the property.

In our Asbestos Removal Control Plan (ARCP) we identified we needed to build a working area attached to the scaffolding to the rear of the property. This was utilised to wrap the asbestos roof in parcels then decontaminate the polythene followed by a secondary polythene wrapping / taping decontamination process. The parcels were then deemed non-hazardous before physically carrying the wrapped parcels  to the front of the property, across the public walkway to the hazardous asbestos waste bin.

In addition given the proximity to the pedestrians and neighbours,  HazMat Asbestos Removalists in conjunction with the owners and roofers decided on a roofing wrap system built into the scaffolding to cover the removal area aiding in keeping the area safe.

This meant there was an additional cost, but ensured safety, timeliness of the removal and ultimately the labour hours were reduced and costly delays were minimised.

Needless to say the clients and roofers were happy and another great asbestos removal performed by HazMat.
Contact HazMat for an ontime and on budget roof removal.


Asbestos Fibre Cement Roof Removal - Roof-Wrap
Asbestos Fibre Cement Roof Removal – Roof-Wrap –  Before Picture


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