Asbestos Vinyl discovered during renovation

What is an Asbestos Renovation Survey? (When would I need one?)

The purpose of an asbestos renovation survey is to help locate all the asbestos in a building that is likely to be or possibly has been disturbed during a renovation of a building. But this is different to an asbestos management survey or asbestos Demolition Survey.

The benefits of an asbestos renovation survey are that it will help keep your building project on time, on budget and without expensive stop works/reworks that could occur if asbestos is discovered after renovation has commenced.
And of course, most importantly, a survey helps keep the occupants of the building and subtrades safe from harmful asbestos.

It is a disruptive and fully intrusive survey which will most likely need to penetrate parts of the building structure to help ensure any hidden asbestos is found.

Aggressive inspection techniques are used to lift carpets and tiles, break through walls, ceilings, cladding, partitions and open up floors.

There may be some circumstances where the building is still in use at the time a refurbishment survey is carried out. For example, in the educational sector, refurbishment surveys may need to be conducted in schools or colleges during a period of closure (e.g. holidays), and refurbishment work may not be conducted until the next holiday period.

In many instances HazMat has been able to cover over, mend and encapsulate test areas with fibre locking sprays and paints to ensure the safety of occupants after testing.

Asbestos Renovation Surveys are technically more challenging than management surveys as their purpose is to identify all ACM within a particular building area or within the entire premises so this can be removed as part of the renovation. Many buildings have had refurbishments and modifications over the years, with changes and alterations to the building structure and appearance (e.g. false floors, false ceilings and walls, concealed hidden areas and surface treatments).

The level of competency and knowledge needed for refurbishment surveys is greater than for management surveys, and the intrusive nature of these surveys presents more health and safety risks for both the surveyor as well as the occupants of the building.

HazMat have years of experience in keeping people safe while providing various Asbestos Survey Types including Asbestos Renovation Surveys.

In addition our surveying Team carry various industry standards and qualification and every surveyor holds the BOHS (British Occupational Hygiene Society) IP402 Sampling/Surveying Strategies.

You are welcome to ask questions below or contact HazMat directly to discuss your specific circumstances.


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