Hazmat - Decramastic roof contains Asbestos

Decramastic Asbestos Roof Removal – Wellington

Decramastic Roofs may contain asbestos.

It is alarming why so many roofers, builders and tradesmen continue to repair and replace decramastic roof without taking suitable asbestos precautions. At the very least if you are in the Wellington or Christchurch area the first thing to do is to get it tested by a reputable asbestos company like HazMat.

The cost of removal of an asbestos decramastic roof varies depending on access, scaffolding, whether a building wrap is required and number of levels etc.

Recently a roofing company was in the process of removing a decramastic roof to replace with a new longrun iron roof when worksafe turned up with a stopwork Order.
The company had not tested the decramastic roof and in not doing so, had put their workers, the homeowners, neighbours and passersby in real immediate danger.

It turns out the bitumen used in the glue in this instance contained Asbestos and HazMat were called in to render the area safe and carefully remove the remaining decramastic roofing.
HazMat were able to safely abate the area and ensured that the homeowner received their clearance certificate for an Asbestos decramastic roof removal (eventually) well done.

For testing, expert advice and removal be sure to contact HazMat first.

For more information on Decramastic roofing see this article here by the Roofing Association of NZ (RANZ) released in 2016.

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