Hardiplank style Asbestos Weatherboard

Hardiplank style Asbestos Weatherboard

Hardiplank style Asbestos Weatherboard

4 thoughts on “Hardiplank style Asbestos Weatherboard”

  1. Hi,

    we are looking at buying a house with Hardiplank on the outside but it was built in late 1989 in Taupo

    What are the chances of it containing asbestos in the cladding and is it necessary to get it tested and what are the risks involved if the cladding does contain it?


    1. Hi there Sam,
      the chances of this weatherboard containing asbestos are relatively low given the year, however to be safe I would still get it tested. There is no way of knowing for sure 100% without testing. Hope that helps.

  2. Hi,
    We are looking at buying a home with this exterior Hardiplank cladding. The home was built in Hampden, Otago in 1980. Would you recommend we get it tested for Asbestos beforehand? Do you think there is a possibility of asbestos in the exterior/interior?

    Thanks in advance for your advice,


    1. Hi there Lucy, of this era, absolutely worth getting it tested.
      If you engage the services of a BOHS qualified asbestos surveyor they will be able to go over the entire home and advise you on what to test. Unfortunately HazMat does not provide services in Otago.

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