hardie shadowline cladding

hardie shadowline cladding

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  1. I am marketing a home built in 1965 with this material on the upper level. The lower level is concrete block base. Was this product also known as Highline when it first came out?. If you would like to view the property google 9 Kauri Road to find the advertisement and photos of the house exterior.

    Is it likely to have Asbestos in it?. If so what is the content?.

    I look forward to your reply.

    Lenie Buis
    Lochores Real Estate Ltd
    P: 0274 990 001

    1. Hi there Lenis,
      Highline was a product well known in Australia as (ACM) asbestos containing material in it. In Australia they ceased making it in 1985 with ACM in it. However trying to find what was made and when and dates around it in NZ can prove difficult as just because a factory stopped making it, stocks in outlets may not have been exhausted until quite some time afterwards. I suggest you contact a reputable company that can test it for you to remove doubt. unfortunately http://www.hazmat.co.nz do not currently have a Auckland Branch.

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