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Asbestos Fibre Cement Claddings & Gables

There are many different types of Asbestos Fibre cement cladding and gable profiles and variances across New Zealand.

A good deal were made in NZ (Auckland and Christchurch) however a large number were also imported in from all over the world with names and trace origins now unknown.
Here are a few names to look out for on building consents and information about residential dwellings

*Fibrolite – Asbestos Fibre Cement Board
*Coverline or Highline
*Hardiflex or Hardiplank
*Villaboard, Versilux, Tilux

Fibre cement Cladding
Asbestos cement cladding
Cladding Wall of Asbestos Fibre Cement Tile
Asbestos Fibre Cement Tiles
Exterior Cladding on Wall with Asbestos fibre cement board - Batten
Asbestos Batten cladding
Wellington Example of Fibre Cement Tile Cladding
Fibre Cement Tiles
Textured asbestos fibre cement cladding on house
Textured asbestos fibre cement cladding on house
Asbestos Hardiplank on house
Asbestos Hardiplank profile on house
Hardiplank style Asbestos Weatherboard
Hardiplank style Asbestos Weatherboard
hardie shadowline cladding
hardie shadowline cladding
Asbestos fibre cement board cladding on house
asbestos fibre cement cladding on house
Fibre Cement Profiled Asbestos Cladding
Fibre Cement Profiled Asbestos Cladding
Shadowline Asbestos Profile on Gable
Shadowline Asbestos Profile on Gable
asbestos cladding - Upper exterior - Asbestos soffits, Asbestos gable end
asbestos containing cladding on upper exterior cladding, soffits, and gable end
asbestos-wall-cladding - Fibrolite - Fibre cement
Fibrolite – Fibre cement Tile

Even though Building Plans and Council records show claddings were specified as a certain type or brand, remember that it was commonplace to switch/substitute building products prior to specification in the 2000’s.

You are always best to get any fibre cement cladding tested to be sure. If you are based in Canterbury or Wellington, Hazmat would love to help – Contact us here

Information provided by:
*Management of asbestos in the non-occupational environment by Department of Health AUS
*NZMOH 1997
*Asbestos Awareness AU / NZ
*HazMat NZ

4 thoughts on “Asbestos Fibre Cement Claddings & Gables”

  1. John and Robin Speden

    Our roof of Decromastic tiles was put on in 1975
    I had a redo of chips etc in 2010 – with a 3-4 year spray for moss etc with the last treatment in 2016
    A building report as of today said it was a very strong risk of asbestos and past it on to potential buyers!!
    1- are they correct
    2- we have maintained a regular maintenance program over the years
    3- we gave the roof a spray paint touch up in November 2018 to keep it up todate
    We are confused with the buyers response as it has always been well maintained
    I understand that if you cut up the roof there could be a problem!!
    Interested in your response!!!

    1. Thanks for the question.
      Yes there is a chance that it may contain Asbestos. If you used a reputable company to clean, rechip and spray they should have tested it. Any kept records? If you are in Canterbury or Wellington give us a call for an Asbestos Test and an assessment of the condition.

  2. Hi guys,

    We’re looking at purchasing a house built in 1983, by the current owners. Well looked after and maintained house. The cladding is Hardiplank, ceiling tiles Michael Angelo, wall linings Gibraltor Board and Bison Board.

    Is there risk of asbestos in this house? Is it risky enough to pass on the sale or to have second thoughts?

    Interested in your response.

    1. Hey Alice, Given it is Hardiplank and asbestos building products were still readily in NZ in 1983 we would highly recommend testing. Especially of the hardplank product. Be aware that although plans with council may say a specific type/branded product (which may or may not contain asbestos) it was commonplace to substitute products out on site with approval and plans lodged with council do not tell the whole picture.

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