Great Asbestos Floor Removal

Vinyl Removal Kapiti Coast

HazMat were approached to remove approximately less than 10M of Asbestos Vinyl from a shower and toilet area in a home in Waikanae recently.

The vinyl was tested and found to contain Asbestos (Chrysotile) and luckily for the homeowner the vinyl was contained on top of backing board which made the removal relatively straight forward and ensured a great finished looking result.

HazMat were able to remove the vinyl, backing board, staples, and nails and safely Hepa Vacuum the area and Tak Rag the surrounding surfaces. After removal the vinyl was double bagged and disposed of in Approved Asbestos landfill as it should be!

This now meant the floor boards can be safely sanded and polished ….great result all round!

Aftershot of asbestos Vinyl removed
Removal of Asbestos Vinyl

Be Aware:
Vinyl removals can be very dangerous for removalists and occupants of the home if not done properly.
Depending on where the asbestos is contained within the vinyl/glues/backing paper and how it is secured in most cases needs to be done under Class A removal conditions which is very time consuming, labourious and expensive to ensure the safety of workers and occupants of the home….however this is a must!

Never attempt a vinyl removal yourself, always call trained Asbestos professionals like HazMat here.

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