Asbestos stipple ceiling

Stipple, Textured & Stucco Ceilings may contain Asbestos

Stipple Ceiling Asbestos

Stipple ceilings, also known as popcorn ceilings, textured and stucco ceilings may contain asbestos fibres.
These types of ceilings which were quite the rage in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s are in many homes throughout NZ.
The Asbestos was used to give the plaster rigidity, added tensile strength, made it easier to work with and also made it longer lasting.

Some of these Decorative internal coatings were manufactured (glamotex, whispar and Artex) and generally contained 5– 9 percent chrysotile asbestos and others were mixed onsite. When mixed on site the asbestos had various quantities of additives may have been used and therefore may not necessarily be homogenous throughout the home.
This means various areas IF tested incorrectly may test negative for Asbestos, however several composite tests are recommended to ensure a true result.

Popcorn, stipple and stucco asbestos Ceilings:
Therefore there is real danger that one test in one small area of a room may test negative, however the remainder of the room or even the house may actually test positive.

A high degree of experience and preferably a BOHS P402 tester such as HazMat have on board, needs to be sought out for this specific form of testing. Multiple tests as well as composite tests should be taken to ensure you can rule out asbestos fibres in these ceiling types.

Asbestos ceiling stipple test needed?

Stipple Ceilings in good condition and in a good state of repair do not necessarily have to be removed. It is only when hit/knocked or disturbed fibres may be released – Hence always keep maintenance up in order to defer a total removal.

Some of these reasons to remove asbestos stipple ceilings are;

1. Earthquake Damage
2. Subsidence leading to cracks appearing
3. Water damage leading to deterioration
4. When it is easily disturbed e.g. Rumpus / Table tennis room or suchlike
5. When considering to renovate the home e.g. install downlights or moving walls
6. When noticing that the stipple is starting to flake off.
7. Prior to selling your home
8. When it was installed in a wet area or Kitchen (Hard to routinely clean safely)

Hazmat - asbestos ceiling Removal

Stucco ceiling asbestos

Porirua Commercial Application – Stipple Ceiling Positive for Chrysotile

If you need help and live in greater Wellington or Christchurch give HazMat a call to book in a test and for advice.

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