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Fibre Cement Asbestos Soffit Removal – Wellington

Asbestos Soffits

On many homes throughout New Zealand you will find fibre cement soffits.

Many of these types of fibre cement soffits contain asbestos.
To be safe, we always recommend having them tested by a qualified asbestos sampler/testing company like Hazmat. (Find our link here on testing.)

There are an alarming amount of poorly maintained asbestos soffit homes in NZ and the problem is not going away…in fact it is getting worse as people neglect the maintenance of soffits.

Asbestos soffits in NZ homes?

1. It was mass produced in several manufacturing plants in NZ and hence very cheap.
2. It was lightweight and very strong thanks to the asbestos fibres high tensile strength.
3. It was easy to cut and remodel on site and extremely versatile.
4. It requires very little preparation and was sometimes left unpainted.
5. If Painting was preferred there is very little preparation to be done prior.
6. Asbestos Fibre cement board was considered to have fire protection qualities
7. It was also used as an interior ceiling product on carports, garages, sheds and porches and even as packing.

These soffits, if kept in well maintained and sound condition are fine to be left in place undisturbed.

Should you get Asbestos Soffits removed?

There are a number of reasons to have it removed
1. If paint is flaking from lack of maintenance
2. Breakage or cracking from general wear or tear
3. Earthquake damage
4. Water leaks leading to discolouration and damage
5. Rodent or bird damage
6. Renovation or Demolition

Fibre cement soffit requiring maintenance

Types of Asbestos found in Asbestos soffits
In most cases white Chrysotile Asbestos may be found in these types of boards circa late eighties and earlier, however we have also found the more harmful Ampibole asbestos being Brown asbestos (Amosite) and also Blue asbestos (Crocidolite) in earlier examples.

For advice and testing in greater Wellington or Canterbury contact Hazmat here.

4 thoughts on “Fibre Cement Asbestos Soffit Removal – Wellington”

  1. Hello,
    We are near Wairoa and have asbestos in our soffits/eaves.We have 38 lineal meters of eaves.
    Do you do removals up our way?
    If so, could you please give us an estimate for removal?
    Our house is high set, but we will be organising scaffolding, as we are also going to paint the house.
    Thanks for your assistance with our query.

    1. Hi there John, thanks for your enquiry, unfortunately we do not offer removals in that area. Great news that you will be getting scaffolding for this removal. Keep in mind soffits are notorious for being very dirty, dusty and sometimes contain vermin/birdnests and insulation which all needs to be removed. So a very carefully controlled removal will need to be done to ensure dust is not spread throughout your exterior. You are welcome to visit this site to get an idea of whom is licensed for Asbestos removal in your area. https://worksafe.govt.nz/topic-and-industry/asbestos/licensing/licence-holder-register/

  2. Do you have an approximate cost to remove soffits strongly suspected of being asbestos on survey. According to survey 40m2 in Palmerston north

    1. Hi there Rebecca, depends on numerous concerns on quoting e.g. access, location, what is underneath etc. In this instance I recommend getting an Asbestos test first to confirm presence rather than assume.
      Typically we do not travel to Palmerston North so I suggest you make contact with someone local to the Palmerston North Area for the test or subsequent removal. My only question is, why was it not tested during the survey?

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