asbestos vinyl floor removed by asbestos company HazMat

HazMat Asbestos Vinyl Removal to the Rescue!

We were stoked when the wonderful staff at Harcourts Team Group Rentals called HazMat asbestos vinyl removal in to save the day.
A couple of their awesome tenants in Wainuiomata were in the middle of having a new bathroom installed when the plumber discovered the bathroom vinyl floor contained asbestos. They had to stop work and could not proceed until it had been safely removed. This left them without a functioning (or safe) bathroom for several weeks until a solution could be found. Luckily they had an ensuite.
HazMat was called in to complete the Asbestos removal and were able to gain a safety clearance certificate the very next morning. Harcourts and their tenants are very relieved that they can continue with the new bathroom project.

HazMat Asbestos professionals are skilled at getting the job done, on time and on budget and working in with tenants, landlords and rental agencies is a cinch when communication is kept high and clear objectives are outlayed.

One of the keys to success for any Asbestos job is to use HazMat for the initial testing, especially for vinyls.

In many cases there are multiple layers of asbestoas vinyl substrate including slimline, glues / resins and sometimes even older vinyls which only get discovered 1/2 way into the job. Our Team are trained to take multiple invasive samples in controlled circumstances and photographic evidence ensuring we are all aware of where the Asbestos is located, what can be safely removed and what is best to abate / remediate and leave.

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