Asbestos Decking – Thicker & Easy to Mistake

Asbestos Decking Fibre Cement board is thicker than traditional fibre cement board and easy to miss.

A Builder came across this unusual looking decking onsite – Thinking the worst (asbestos) he called in HazMat to conduct testing. It was “unusual looking board and I just want to make sure my boys are safe, we were about to remove it.”

Just as well he did, HazMat identified this board as decking board installed in throughout the 70’s and ’80’s and usually contained Asbestos.

The Asbestos gave this type of sheet very strong properties, perfect for decking.
Given it was thicker (approximately 10mm+) and a different looking colour many tradesmen would have mistaken it for painted smooth treated ply or painted board of some kind.

The decking tested positive for Chrysotile (white Asbestos) and Amosite (Brown Asbestos) and HazMat were engaged to conduct the removal of this deck safely and ensuring a Clearance Certificate will be provided to the client for a job properly done.

Asbestos found in Decking board in Wellington

Another job well done for HazMat, look out for this board in the future and if unsure always contact the experts like Hazmat.

Removal Done and the team just waiting on signoff from Fibresafe.

Asbestos Removal Complete Lower Hutt

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