Testing for Asbestos in Tawa Wellington

Testing for Asbestos in Tawa, Wellington

Our client was having an HRV system installed in his 1970’s era home.

The technician started cutting the required vent hole into the tiled living room ceiling.
He quickly discovered the original stipple ceiling was still there, hiding just above it.
The technician stopped work and immediately called HazMat to test for asbestos.

HazMat’s Asbestos Surveyor safely tested for asbestos and took a sample of the exposed stipple ceiling and had it tested by our IANZ accredited Laboratory. Before leaving the home we encapsulated the exposed area with Fibrelock to seal in the Asbestos fibres and to stop them from becoming airborne.

The result of testing confirmed that Asbestos was indeed present in the stipple ceiling.
Our client was grateful for our prompt response and is now considering his options. Needless to say the technician avoided a very dangerous situation.

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