Asbestos Removal Shed in Lower Hutt

Nae Nae Asbestos Hardieboard / Fibre Cement Removal from sleepout

Identify Asbestos

Team HazMat were called in to help remove James hardieboard Asbestos sheeting from a garage located in NaeNae Lower Hutt.

The Behind the Scenes Work
The client only ever sees the removal itself and not all of the work and experience required in order to conduct a hazardous worksite with the utmost care.

Asbestos Regulations

A good amount of time of Asbestos removal is on paperwork and safety protocols. Many painstaking hours of work was put in by various members of the team to work through the methodology of removal including, Site Specific Safety Plan (SSSP), Asbestos Removal Control Plan (ARCP), notification to neighbours and of course the 5 day mandatory worksafe notification.

Entry to Site:
Upon entry to the site we have time set aside for the restricted area sign-in, safety induction, toolbox meeting, feedback from workers and of course the task analysis agreed and all workers signed.

Asbestos Disposal
Once the Paperwork and protocols are complete we had three trained class B removalists onsite and a class B supervisor leading the way. We were able to safely dismantle, double bag and remove all hardieboard and attached substrates and fixings (battens, building paper, nails, staples) from site to approved Asbestos Landfill.

An Immaculate Site:
An immaculate site was kept throughout thanks to our new ARENZ’s newly certified Class H Vacuum cleaner and a big thanks to James Lord from Fibresafe for turning up on short notice to issue the clearance certificate for the clients.
We were able to get this removal from start to signoff in day and needless to say clients are wrapt.

Check out this testimonial
“They were the only company in 5 to respond to our initial quote request, but they responded within days and from there the pattern of efficiency and frequent communication continued. They completed the process in half the time quoted and then also responded on their weekend when we had concerns we may have found asbestos, following up with a prompt testing and turnaround (which to our relief was a negative!)”

Another job well done for Team HazMat.
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