Asbestos Awareness Week 2018


Asbestos Awareness Week is an initiative set up by the NZDAA to drive education and improve the knowledge amongst support trades such as builders, plumbers and electricians etc on the dangers posed by asbestos exposure when working in commercial buildings and residential properties.

Asbestos is New Zealand’s number one workplace killer.
Around 170 people dying each year from asbestos-related diseases. 67% of all cases reported to the national asbestos register are tradespeople.

The campaign features a range of activities throughout the month of April which includes radio advertising, social media and educational events and networking opportunities across New Zealand.

What is Asbestos and why is it so dangerous?
What You Need to Know – Regulations for safe work
Consequences – Legal & Insurance Points of View
Impact of Asbestos Exposure
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly – Asbestos Case Studies
How to Stay Safe – Personal Protection Equipment​

Before drilling, sanding, sawing or knocking down walls, every tradesperson – no matter how experienced – should learn what to look for and how to work safely around asbestos.

There have been some significant changes to the asbestos regulations, so it is also important that every tradesperson or business owner understands their obligations and the changes to the law to avoid facing heavy penalties.

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  1. I always like such a short but quite informative articles. I used to get confused about this asbestos term but this piece helps me a lot to understand about the asbestos. Thanks for sharing.

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