Asbestos in Soil Wellington

Asbestos in Soil – Circa Theatre Wellington

HazMat have performed many jobs removing and remediating Asbestos in Soil.
So when word came in that there was a challenging removal job in Wellington to render the underfloor of Circa Theatre safe for tradespeople to renovate and put in services, the specialist HazMat Asbestos team were called in.

In association with Tracer Construction, the Wellington City Council and Fibresafe, HazMat were the removalist of choice for this complex job.

HazMat had to work through the key methodologies to ensure safety and viability of the business continued.

This was an extremely challenging and grueling month long removal and encapsulation job having to work in a confined space, kneeling, scraping and removal of soil after hours. In addition the encapsulation using Asbestos encapsulation and fibrelocking sprays and polythene tied into footings.

Managing the works and ensuring the theatre remained safely opened throughout the project was challenging to say the least.

Shane Blakely from the Christchurch branch of HazMat was called in to assist the team from Christchurch to give oversight on this particular project; Shane has over 20 years of working on complex Asbestos projects and holds many qualifications required for this type of work. BOHS IP402 Surveyor / BOHS IP405 Assessor & Asbestos Management / CPCCBC4051A supervisor / CPCCDE3014A Remove non-friable asbestos / CPCCDE3015A Remove friable asbestos.

Some comments from key stakeholders during and after the asbestos project;

*”One of the cleaniest Asbestos workplaces I have ever seen”

*”Wow, an Asbestos job, done on time and on budget, great work HazMat”


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If you require removal and remediation for asbestos works found in soil please contact [email protected] on 04-5660797.

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